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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
Training Treats - Recommendations from a dog trainer

Training Treats - Recommendations from a dog trainer

A blog post from Sarah, dog trainer/behaviourist at Sussex County Dog Training.

As a dog trainer at Sussex County Dog Training, I obviously love… training! As a result I get through a lot of dog treats! I am generous when rewarding behaviours I like, and our dogs need food, so why not use it to reinforce desirable behaviour? I will only feed healthy treats to my dog that are on par with the quality of his daily food. His favourite reward is cooked turkey, JR pate and Natures Menu Beef Treats. As an alternative to our usual treats I had a go at making some Forthglade Just Turkey rewards!

I present to you- Easy Peasy Forthglade croutons!

I literally cut up a pack of Forthglade ‘Just Turkey’ into small cubes the size of my little finger nail, popped it in the oven on 200 degrees for 20ish minutes until they were nice and browned, left them to cool and the dog approves!

I’m impressed with the consistency, they are little crunchy nuggets, and you get loads out of a tray. Not bad for a £2.50 pop! They'll keep in the fridge for about 3 days or freeze them to last longer. Recon you’ll try these for your pooch? 

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forthglade chopped into cubes ready to be cooked as a dog treat Forthglade crouton dog treats going into the oven Forthglade treat post cooking

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