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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
All things Goat

All things Goat

Are your dogs using their puppy dog eyes to make you feel awful about reducing their snacks? Worried about your dog gaining any extra pounds over the winter months?
Fear not, our product of the Month will help get you back in your dogs good books (whilst maintaining or restoring that waistline!) with a selection of healthy treats, chews and snacks!
This Month our focus is on all things goat! Lean, low fat, filled with protein and oodles of nutrients, goat makes a wonderful alternative to fattier proteins such as Lamb without compromising on taste! All these goat products are single protein too- meaning they are utterly and completely 100% goat- making them great choices for dogs who are intolerances or have sensitive tums.
First up we have goat braids, a great long lasting chew for smaller mouths (or a quicker snack for larger mouths!) comprised of 100% air dried goat skin, simply plaited to provide a great chewing experience.
Then for the bigger chewer, we have goat rolls! Available in small or large, these rolled up bits of air dried skin provide a longer lean chewing experience that helps promote dental hygiene with the act of chewing.
Last but not least, for treats, we have JR goat Pate- a 100% goat meat texture ideal for stuffing kongs but firm enough to cut into cubes to use as training treats. This low fat single protein treat makes the perfect high value reward!
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