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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.


Puppy Questions

What chews are safe for my puppy?

A puppy's need to chew is instinctive so it is important we provide them with chews that will entertain them but also be safe. Here at Natural Choice we ensure all our chews are 100% natural and these are highly digestible compared to those containing artificial flavourings, colourings or grain. A few chews we recommend are: Beef Tails, Tripe Bones, Lamb Tails, Soopa Dental Sticks, Hairy Ears, Cod Sticks, Pigs Ears and Pizzles. The list goes on, if you have any queries or need more information then please do not hesitate to contact us. We advise that you always monitor your puppy when giving them a new chew to make sure they are safe with it.

What can I give my puppy to entertain them?

Kongs and Lickimats are amazing entertainment and boredom busters for your puppy, we highly recommend them here. They make excellent work of calming your puppy down if they are in one of their crazy moods! If your puppy becomes good at figuring out the Kong or Lickimat then you can freeze them as this makes it trickier to complete and also soothe your puppy’s gums when they are teething.

What food should I feed my puppy?

We want the very best for our puppies so making sure they are on the correct diet is essential. The biggest rule we live by is that the food we feed should be as natural as possible for your lifestyle and budget. Here at Natural Choice we like meat, not meat meal or chemically reconstituted meat meal, that is why our Puppy Kibble has a fresh meat content of 60% and contains no fillers or grain.
A raw diet can also be great for your puppy, you can’t get much more natural than raw food! We sell this instore only however if you would like any advice on raw feeding or information on which raw food is the best for your puppy then please get in contact so we can have a chat.

Adult Dog Questions

How do I switch my dog on to a raw diet?

Transitioning your dog on to raw food can be a lot simpler than you may think. We advise taking around 4-7 days to complete the transition, depending on how sensitive your dog's tummy is. Only change one meal to raw to begin with and keep the other meal as their normal food, eg raw for breakfast and normal food for the evening. After this period is over you can feed 100% raw. This transition period allows your dog time to alter their stomach pH, adjust digestive enzyme release and promote healthy digestion and metabolism.

How can I make sure my dog’s teeth are healthy?

The best way to clean your dog’s teeth is to feed raw bones (sold in store only) such as chicken wings, duck necks and marrow bones, in the wild canines would clean their own teeth by chewing on the bones of their prey. You may have resorted to the dental chews that temporarily freshen your dog’s breath, the problem with these is that most of them are carbohydrate based which actually causes more plaque to be produced. If you need any advice on what bone size your dog should have, or how to feed raw bones then please contact us and we sure can help. We always advise keeping an eye on your dog when feeding raw bones.

When should I swap my dog on to your adult kibble range?

The answer to this depends on the breed of your dog. For a small breed we would advise to start the transition over to our adult kibble around 6-8months of age. If you have a large breed this would be more like 10-12 months of age, this is due to a large breed of dog needing the higher protein levels for longer to aid their growth and strength.

What training treats will my dog love the most?

The higher the meat content the better if you have a fussy dog! We would suggest the True Instinct Freeze Dried Treats (100% meat) or the Natures Menu Meat Bites (95% meat) Both of these training treats are semi moist which means they are easy to break into smaller pieces perfect for training and are soft making it easier for your dog to chew. If your dog isn’t fussy and will eat anything then head to our training treats page as all of them will be a hit!

Treat Boxes

What Treat Boxes do you sell?

We love a Treat Box here at Natural Choice, therefore we have options for you! Our Letter Box Treat Box is £12, including delivery, and contains training treats and chews for your pooch. If you really want to spoil them then we have a £25 Treat Box which contains lots more yummy goodies that will last you a while! Our newest treat box is our Naturals Box, this contains some of the most natural looking treats that we stock, such as lamb ears and duck feet- the dogs love them!

What Treat Boxes can I get on subscription?

Currently you can subscribe to the Letter Box and big Treat Box delivery. This means you will get a Treat Box every month containing all the goodies we pack for you. You’ll have one excited dog!

Can I buy the Treat Boxes as a one off?

You sure can! All of our treat boxes can be purchased separately for any occasion, for you or for a friend.

Am I able to personalise the Treat Boxes?

Of course! If we pack something your dog isn't keen on then don’t hesitate to let us know, we will make sure we only put the favourites in ready for next time. Or, if there's something your dog really loves then we can extra into the next box! If you are buying a Treat Box for a friend then we can add a personalised note to go inside to make it individual to them, just let us know the dog's name, address and occasion it’s for and we’ll do the rest.