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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
COYA - Freeze Dried Dog Food & Dog Treat Collection

COYA - Freeze Dried Dog Food & Dog Treat Collection

In the spot light this month is a brand new product to Natural Choice Pet Foods... Introducing COYA! A brand of freeze dried complete foods, treats and meal toppers.
COYA is range of freeze dried raw products, manufactured in Norfolk. Freeze dried food and treats are great for dogs, as it requires minimal processing with no nasty preservative, locking in the nutritional value in the meat. It also makes the treats a lot easier to handle and store, with no mess!
The complete and balanced dinner range is available in five flavours, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Pork and beef, plus a puppy variety. The food has a high meat content at 80%, with the rest comprising of fruit, vegetables and minerals. It is easy on the digestion, and has lots of exciting single protein options for dogs with intolerances!
This is a great option for raw feeders who need a convenient food for holiday, or anyone wishing to add a nutritional boost to their dogs diet! Coya is suitable for all breeds and lifestages.
The treats are available in 4 flavours Chicken, Beef, turkey or pork, and to top it off the meal toppers come in 3 varieties, making them perfect for enhancing a dry food diet, sprinkling on a licki mat or using on a snuffle mat.

We are excited to introduce this range, so for the month of June 2023 we are offering 10% off every COYA product!

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