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Our Story

Here at Natural Choice Pet Foods we are passionate about helping dog owners pick the right treats/food to help both the physical and mental wellbeing of their pets. As dog trainers we are passionate about creating better relationships between owners and their dogs, and making a difference to their lives.

10 years ago we looked to understand how diets in dogs effects our canine friends both physically and mentally, and just like with our children, feeding a poor diet will effect how they learn and behave.We are making it mission to help owners understand how important the ingredients used in food and treats benefits their dogs wellbeing.

Working alongside Sussex County Dog Training we have developed a high quality GRAIN FREE recipe designed to give your dog a balanced diet for both physical and mental well-being.

By working closely with SCDT it has meant we have a large variety of treats that are perfect for training as well as long lasting natural chews; great for relaxing!

We pride ourselves in only selling grain free, natural products which we know your dogs will love.

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