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Canine Enrichment Ideas Having Fun With Your Dog At Home

Having Fun at Home With Your Dog!

Did you know there are so many ways for you and your dog to bond & create a longer, lasting relationship? Having fun with your dog by playing games or training helps build your relationship & improves the trust and happiness between you and your dog.

Here are our top 5 enrichment activities for you & your dog to try...

1) Search for some treats!

Place treats on floor in an open area, put a blanket over the top, let your dog figure out how to find them. This is a great mental workout and encourages them to forage and use their noses to find the delicious treat!

2) Good old game of Tuggy

Hide a treat or toy in an old sock, play tuggy then let your dog destroy it for the reward. This will give them much satisfaction and joy as they figure out how to find the prize!

dog playing tug

3) Teach your dog to settle

Ask them to sit on a mat beside you, then intermittently drop a treat between their paws as they are calm. Not only is this a lovely calm activity, you're also teaching them something which is valuable for both you and your dog.

dog settled lying down

4) Blowing bubbles

Blow bubbles for your dog, see if they like to try and catch them! 

dog bubble game

5) Buy a new toy

Buy stuffed toys from a charity shop and let your dog destroy them- they are inexpensive and the money goes to a good cause

dog with plush toy

Would you like to find out more about enrichment activities? We've partnered up with SCDT Online to bring you their FREE course with all sorts great ideas for you and your dog to try.

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