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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
National Pet Month!

National Pet Month!

This month is all about pets! Why they are important to us, why they need love and a safe spacious home. Without our loving animals, our lives would be so different. 

Throughout the past 12 months its shown that our pets have meant more to us than anytime before. With more time at home, through lockdowns, isolation, working from home, we've been shown just how much of an impact they leave in our lives. 

With this in mind, we are going to go through a few tips and pointers to keep your pets in tip top condition...

Regular Vet Check-ups

Our pets age a lot faster than us humans which means changes to their health can happen really quickly. Having regular check ups means there is a higher chance of preventing/catching the problem sooner. 

Keeping Your Pet Health

Choosing the best food for your pet provide them with the nutrients to help them grow and develop. By having a better understanding of your pets nutritional needs, you'll be able to help avoid or manage diseases such as obesity & diabetes by offering them the correct portions and giving healthy, natural foods.

Dental Care

All animals need dental care, not just us humans. Getting your animals teeth checked regularly will help avoid unwanted dental diseases. You can also get natural, healthy treats that can help toward cleaning teeth, promote healthy gums & combat smelly breath. 


Making sure you and your pet get enough exercise is so important. We know it helps our mental health and well-being, it does the same for your pet too! Making sure they have the space to exercise or taking your dog out for daily walks will help keep them happy and healthy.

Spending Quality Time Together

A companion should not be forgotten about. Spending time with your pet will strengthen your bond & help you notice any changes that may arise in your pets life. 

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