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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
Top Tips For Your New Puppy!

Top Tips For Your New Puppy!

Congratulations!! A new puppy! The excitement, the joy, the fun, the games... the training!

There are a few things that we are going to highlight that might just make your lives a little easier when bringing your new puppy home...

1) Picking the right food!

We pride ourselves in selling you only the best food with no nasties, just natural, healthy, grain free, delicious food, treats & chews for your puppy. 

Choosing the right food is so important for keeping your puppy happy and healthy. Their food should have easily-digestible protein to help with muscle growth and is also great for sensitive tums. It also needs to have essential fatty acids like Omega-3 to promote healthy brain development and vision. As well as the right vegetables and carbs! 

Natural Choice Pet Foods grain free kibble has all the essentials & you can try some samples by clicking here

2) Microchipping - Remember to keep your details up to date!!

It’s a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped once they’re 8 weeks old!

It's also a legal requirement to have them wearing a collar with a tag that has your name, contact number & address on it. When you're out for walks they need to be as safe as possible. It's advised not to put your pups name on their tag just in case potential thieves call for your dog.

3) Having a routine

It isn't just humans that like a routine, dogs like it too. It's great to set your dog up to win by keeping mealtimes, walks, bedtimes etc to the same time each day. It will help them settle and feel at more at home when a routine is in place.

4) Toilet training

Although this may be a daunting task, after a few weeks you'll be well on your way to success. Be prepared for many accidents indoors, but don't get angry at them... they only have small bladders. Stay consistent with taking them outside to do their business, give them loads of praise & rewards for going to the toilet outside & they'll soon learn thats what they need to do. Hold in there, you can do it!

5) Socialisation

Socialising your puppy as early as possible is very important. Carrying them on walks before they've had their jabs or taking them in a pram to see the world will make the real world less daunting when they're able to walk on the ground. Once they've had their jabs, take them on walks where there are other dogs and humans, this will help them to become more confident. Booking puppy training classes will help with this too, take a look at Sussex County Dog Training for more information on puppy classes & what they have to offer by clicking here >


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