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Eggs are egg-cellent!

Eggs are egg-cellent!

As highlighted in our Easter Treat Hunt for Dogs blog, chocolate is a no go for dogs. So a healthy alternative for dogs are chicken eggs, which are safe for dogs, they are high in protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and fatty acids that help support your dog inside and out.

Delicious & Nutritious 

Eggs can provide many vitamins and minerals needed to keep your dog happy and healthy!

Being high in protein, they can help support your dogs muscles grow, develop and repair. They also offer vitamin A & B12 as well as Iron and Omega Oils, all helping to support your dogs skin & coat. 

Raw or Cooked?


It's always best to cook eggs for your dog; boil the egg for 5 minutes. Much like us, there is a possibility they can get salmonella from a raw egg so always make sure you've fully cooked the egg before serving. 

When to Serve

Eggs are a great snack full of goodness for your dog. They're low fat but rich in energy, they're great for a dog who suffers from obesity or is on a managed diet. 

Can They Eat The Shell?

egg shell for dogs

Yes, your dog can eat the shell. It's a great source of Calcium, Amino Acids & Vitamins A & E.

Calcium helps strengthen their bones, Amino Acids helps build muscles, Vitamin A promotes a healthy, shiny coat and Vitamin E supports the immune system.

Keep your dog safe this Easter & offer a chicken egg rather than a chocolate one and see what they think!

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