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Why do dogs chew?! That question that we all want to know the answer to! So here is some info that might help answer that question...

Chewing is natural to dogs and in wolves too! Wolves have strong teeth & jaws that aid them to chew their pray therefore chewing is a natural behaviour for them. This natural instinct has remained in dogs even after being domesticated.

dog chewing

Puppies are notorious for chewing and once those razor-sharp puppy teeth grow all they want is to chew on whatever the can find. It begins when they're a puppy and often continues to when they're around 6 or 7 months old when their adult teeth have grown. The intensity of the chewing begins to reduce around 18-24 months but adult and senior dogs will still want and need to chew however, the intensity will have lessened significantly.

puppy chewing shoe

Dogs chew for various reasons... The primary reason that puppies chew is teething. Milk teeth or deciduous teeth start to make an appearance when puppies are around 3 weeks old, this can cause a lot of distress, irritation and pain. So, to relieve them of this, puppies chew.

puppy teeth

Puppies are curious, playful and eager to explore the world, chewing aids these behaviours. Some dogs start chewing in order to receive attention and others may do this due to stress or anxiety.

So to help with the chewing, we need to find suitable items for them to get stuck into...

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