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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
My Dog Eats SO Fast!

My Dog Eats SO Fast!

Does your dog gobble up their food, so quickly... blink & you'll miss it?!

When your dog eats quickly it can cause all sorts of problems. The first danger is choking. Your dog was eating so quickly, they barely had time to chew causing them to swallow a piece of food that was too large.

They can also swallow a large amount of air along with their food, this can cause a real tummy upset as the food causes the air to expand bringing with is pain and discomfort. This can also be life-threatening, so let's explore a few ways to prevent this from happening.

1) Ask your vet

It's always good practice to see your vet when you have any worries about your dog, they can rule out any health conditions that might be causing any problems.

2) Introduce a slow feeding method

Once receiving the all clear from the vet, it might be worthwhile looking int different products to help slow your dog down. For example 2-in-1 Paw Feeder

This has lots of different sections where your dog will have to find the food you've put down for them. It not only slows them down but is highly enriching for them too.

Alternatively you could try the Lickimat Slomo 

The LickiMat can be used to promote slower eating, which in turn reduces bloating and improves digestion. A great alternative to slow feed bowls. You can even freeze food and treats on the mat for slower and more enjoyable feeding.For fun pet interaction, three designs are available. Lickimat Playdate, with its box design, is perfect for mushy bits of meat or fish, yogurt, peanut butter and chunky treats and foods.

3) Use Muffin Tins

If you want to try something you already have at home, try putting their food into muffin tins. This will make them have to search for the food, not just stay in one place and gobble it up.

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