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Help Soothe Your Dogs Skin

Help Soothe Your Dogs Skin

It's that time of year again where skin problems can arise or become worse & you may notice your dog scratching making their skin red sore & flakey. This is uncomfortable for your dog and it may make them a little irritable.

Lets look at why dogs skin can be itchy...

It's a very normal act to see your dog scratching an itch but when it becomes excessive, thats when you need to start paying more attention to it. Finding the reason why your dog may be over licking or scratching their skin can be difficult but will ultimately help when finding the best way to treat it. 

First of all, check to see if your dog has any external allergies.

Dog biting paw

Looking to see where they're itchy can help narrow this down, for example, are their paws itchy? Have they walked on something that has irritated their skin, like grass. Or is it to do with the new season, are they allergic to pollen? Maybe a freshly washed blanket with new detergent has caused some irritation? 

Limit your dogs exposure to these thing to enable you to narrow it down. There are some things that you can't avoid but once you know what it is you're looking for you can use natural remedies to help with these allergies.

Fleas, Dust Mites & Insect Bites

Dog on walk

These little terrors can cause all sorts of itchy & soreness for our four legged friends. Insect bites will usually cause your dog to focus on that one area & if you're unsure how to treat this or they've reacted to it, always ask advise from your vet.

Fleas or dust mites can cause all over irritation. During the summer months, fleas love to jump onto your dog's fur and cause your dog to be uncomfortable and itchy all over. Remember it is important to flea treatments in place to avoid this becoming a problem for your pooch. It's worth noting that its a good idea to keep your home treated for fleas too, this will help to eradicate the cycle from reoccurring. 

Seasonal Moulting 

Dog Moulting

When your dog is going through a moult, their skin can be very itchy and cause your dog feeling frustrated. A good grooming routine can be very beneficial as this will minimise those feelings, therefore helping your dog feel more relaxed and at ease during those periods.

Food Allergies

dog scratch

Internal allergies can cause skin problems. You may not realise, but your dog may have a sensitive gut and certain foods may cause issues externally as well as internally. The main culprits for these issues are grains and chicken, if you want to try changing their food, remember to do it slowly and if you have any concerns, always contact your vet. 

Dorwest Herbs offer some fantastic herbal remedies that can help soothe your dogs skin. 

First we have Garlic & Fenugreek tablets.

Dorwest Garling & Fenugreek

These tablets have anti-inflammatory compounds which can help target those itchy inflamed areas of your dogs skin and offer relief along with antibiotic, antiseptic & anti-viral properties. Garlic helps deter fleas from your dogs fur & skin by making it far less appealing to them.

Green Releaf Tablets

Dorwest Green Releaf

These tablets contain a combination of natural analgesic, antioxidant, and antihistamine compounds. This helps remove toxins and soothes your dogs skin.

These 2 tablets are the perfect combination and are recommended to be used together to enable the best results possible.

If you're looking to help soothe the areas from the outside, Dorwest have 2 products that work brilliantly. 

Clean & Fresh Shampoo

clean & fresh dorwest

This shampoo for dogs has ingredients such as Lemongrass for freshness & removing odour, eucalyptus to help repel parasites and has antiseptic properties & black peppermint to deter fleas. This shampoo helps to keep your pet`s coat fresh and clean.

Skin Balm

Dorwest Skin Balm

Skin Balm for dogs is ideal for specific problem areas. It works by helping to relieve soreness, dryness, and irritation. This is thanks to natural beeswax, nourishing shea butter and its multitude of natural ingredients. These include Comfrey herb, Calendula & Chamomile. 

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