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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
w'zis? vegan/vegetarian dog treat

W'zi's Vegan/Vegetarian Dog Treats

Available this March! W’zis? Treats, chews and big edible W’s!
In the spotlight this month are 3 produce ranges from W’zis?
W'zis? vegan/vegetarian dog treats & chews
Pronounced ‘Whats This’, W’zis? Is an ethical dog treat company from Brighton that has strived to make some rather different products- no brown bone shaped treats are in sight!
Each of their products are vegetable based, grain and gluten free, purine free, low fat, sugar free and have no nasty artificial colourings.
Made primarily from sweet potato flour, the bright funky colours come from the all-natural additions of purple sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli, tomato and mint!
W'zis? Vegan/Vegetarian Training Treat for Dogs
Their training treats are shaped like small letter ‘W’s and come in three different flavours, all with charming names; Postman & Roast, Lamp Post & Chips, Slipper & Biscuit. Each treat has a firm, chewy texture and comes in at only 1 calorie each! They do not crumble or leave a residue so are perfectly pocket friendly. Their unique flavour and fragrance make them a really nice option to add to your dogs treat routine- the different taste, smell and texture will make it quite a new and interesting experience for your dog.
Using a variety of treats when training our dogs is the key to keeping them interested! Try mixing some W’zis training treats in amongst some very different textured and flavoured products- such as JR pure pate and feelwells training treats! This would make a perfect pic’n’mix of rewards!
W’zis training treats are available in jazzy little tins- great for carrying in a bag or popping in your pocket, or in 100g refill boxes.
W'zis? Vegan/Vegetarian Dubya Chews & Fang Chews for dogs
Fang Chew sticks are available in 2 flavours, with one having added herbs to help aid the dental cleaning process. Both sticks are a firm chewy texture that offer a teeth cleaning experience! A natural alternative to other dental sticks on the market.
Dubya Chews are edible ‘W’ shaped chews! Available with 2 different shapes- The Dubya Lights is a longer-lasting chew with added bonus of fillable holes. The Dubya can be chewed on its own or fill the holes with a paste of your choosing. The Dubya Groove has a greater capacity to hold dog-approved pastes. On its own, the groove gives them something to stick their teeth into. Smear it with a dog-friendly peanut butter or cream cheese for added pooch satisfaction. Both Dubyas are available in two sizes for small and larger dogs. These surprisingly durable W shaped chews offer quite a novel chewing experience.
W’zis chews and treats are all meat free, and 100% vegan. Our dogs do need meat in their diets, but these meat free options can be very beneficial, particularly for dogs who have protein intolerances and food sensitivities. They are purine free, so a good option for Dalmatians. Plus, all ranges are really, REALLY low fat, at only 0.5% fat- so make a fantastic choice for overweight dogs or those prone to pancreatitis. W’zis are a great addition for any dog wanting a new and novel treat!
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