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What Can I Feed My Dog This Christmas?

What Can I Feed My Dog This Christmas?

We all know there are some foods that dogs should definitely avoid such as chocolate, garlic, some dairy products and grains. However there are some delicious foods your dog will certainly enjoy this Festive Season!

Turkey - Of course a popular choice for some humans, dogs also love this!
You can offer your dog small amounts of boneless, skinless white meat. You can also offer them natural turkey treats & chews ... check out our Turkey collection

Cranberry - Your dog will love to try some cranberry's with their Turkey! 
Offer your dog some cranberry and see what they think... Dogs love to try new things and these are flavourful, healthy snacks your dog may really enjoy! We also have cranberry in a few of our grain free treats - take a look...

Vegetables - There are some veggies that dogs cannot resist!
Carrot, parsnip, green beans, courgette, Brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower... Most green or mixed veg is fine for dogs. If you do a mashed carrot and swede with your Christmas dinner your dog is sure to love that but don’t add butter or seasoning to their portion.
Things to avoid.... corn on the cob and bulb vegetables such as onions and leeks.

Eggs - Shells and all! Dogs love an egg!
Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals and are good for our dog’s health. If you are worried about the salmonella risk of feeding raw eggs, cook them. Scrambled is a great way to cook eggs for your dog... no butter, salt etc...blander the better for our furry friends!

Something else to bare in mind...
Please don't feed your dog stuffing as it can contain toxic foods such as onion - best to avoid this!
Gravy should also be avoided as it can be high in salt.
Christmas pudding and mince pies contain raisins which are highly toxic to dogs, please make sure you keep these well out of reach of your pups!

If you'd like your dog to be occupied during your festive meal, why not take a look at our treat box range... you can build your own OR choose from a whole selection of treat boxes that will keep your dog occupied during these times of the day.
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