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Dog Facts! All About Ears!

Dog Facts! All About Ears!

Did you know...?

Dogs have over 15 muscles that control their ears!

You may have noticed that your dogs ears move around a lot. (If you haven't, you will now!) you may also already know that they have excellent hearing... But did you know that some breeds have better hearing than others? They also have more than 15 muscles that are responsible for helping dogs move, tilt, turn, raise and lower their ears. 

fun fact dog ears
dog ears fun fact

They can also play a part in telling us exactly how they feel, dogs often express their emotions through their ears, have a look at your dogs ears when they're feeling happy, sad, curious and note how differently they look & move!

fun fact about dog ears

Working breeds of dogs such the Collie & German Shepherds can listen more carefully than other breeds either due to instinct or training. For example, a Collie will be using their sense of hearing to protect a flock from predators before any other sense.

collie dog dear blog factsdog ear fact blog

Puppies are born deaf! It is their last sense to develop and they can't usually hear until they're 3 weeks old. Once their hearing develops they can hear about 4 times better than humans! 

puppy ear hearing fact blog

Dogs ear canals are much deeper than humans which forms a better funnel for sounds to reach their eardrums.

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Do you have some more facts about dogs ears? We'd love to hear them (well, read but keeping with the theme here!), post a comment in the box below to tell us your fun fact! 

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