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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.
Beef Tails the Natural Long Lasting Chew!

Beef Tails the Natural Long Lasting Chew!

Product of the Month August – JR Beef Tails and Jumbo Beef tails

In the spotlight this month are JR Pet Products - Beef Tails.

These chews are our best-selling chew, and for a good reason too!

Made from 100% dried beef (the tail, of course) with no artificial additives, flavourings, grains, glutens or colourings, beef tails are a 100% meat, 100% natural choice. Beef tails are naturally long-lasting, crunchy and chewy from the natural cartilage, they are perfect for cleaning your dogs teeth and gums.
Chewing is a natural behaviour of dogs so regular chewing of Beef Tails can help exercise their jaw muscles & even clean their teeth. It is also mentally engaging & the lack of proper outlets to chew on is what leads to destructive chewing. So, it is up to us to provide them with the proper chews to exercise their teeth on - JR Beef Tails are perfect for the job!
Beef is a great option for our dogs, it is a nutritious and easily digestible protein packed with minerals like iron, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium. Phosphorus works alongside calcium to keep your dog's teeth and bones strong, while iron prevents anaemia and allows blood to carry oxygen around the body. Selenium protects all the cells in the body, and zinc is used for loads of different functions from growing hair to producing hormones, maintaining healthy vision, and improving their memory and brain function. Beef also contains plenty of different B vitamins, B12, B3, and B6. These work in the body to create and use enzymes properly, prevent anaemia and support the creation of red blood cells.
Another benefit beef tails offer is that they’re very low in fat, making them perfect as a regular chew for your dog.
Beef Tails contain hard cartilage in them which offers a crunchy, chewy and durable chewing experience that helps clean teeth and gums, helping to maintain oral health. They are also low in fat, making them suitable for dogs prone to weight gain or issues such as pancreatitis.

Is your rambunctious pup in need of a time-out? Offer it a beef tail to keep it busy and give it a chance to chew! Chewing is so important for our dogs. Dogs love to chew. Chewing recreationally is a normal doggy behaviour and an essential part of the natural scavenging process. It releases all kinds of feel-good chemicals that help decrease stress, lower arousal and increase overall happiness.

Providing opportunities to chew on safe, healthy chews like beef tails will provide mental stimulation and an opportunity for calm movement. As your dog positions itself to hold or manoeuvre a chew they will be performing a range of natural and gentle stretches, working their jaw and upper body. 

As with all chews for dogs we recommend to supervise your dog while feeding and to ensure that fresh clean drinking water is always available.

Key benefits include:
- Long lasting
- High cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles
- Helping keep teeth clean and healthy
- Gluten Free
- Low in Fat
Available in packs of 250g or individually by weight
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