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Free delivery when you spend £70 or more. T&Cs apply.

Natural Choice - Beef Grain Free 65% Superfood Blend Dry Dog Food Small Breed


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Our grain free recipe has 65% Beef and Carrot, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Tomato & Courgette for small breed dogs

Minimum 35% Freshly Prepared Angus Beef Responsibly sourced and highly digestible protein source

A blend of 5 carefully selected superfoods each with their own unique benefits.

Naturally Occurring Collagen found in freshly prepared ingredients, Collagen helps to maintain healthy joints and skin

Digestive Health Pre-biotics MOS and FOS which are beneficial for the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion.

Sizes: 2kg, 6kg and 12Kg

Why Superfoods?

Carrot: Source of Vitamin A to help maintain healthy vision.

Green Beans: Source of Iron to help support normal functions of the circulatory system.

Cauliflower: Source of Vitamin B9 which is important for amino acid and nucleotide metabolism.

Tomato: Source of dietary fibre to help normalise the gastrointestinal transit time.

Courgette: Source of Vitamin B3 an important cofactor in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.

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